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Our Homes are certified by VRP Media


Vacation Rental Property

Certification & Rating Program

VRP Media has developed a certification and rating program that will give the traveler peace of mind when renting a vacation property . The rating is based on the overall condition of the dwelling, grounds, location, fit and finish, as well as the material composition of the property. Our rating system also takes into consideration amenities offered, quality of furnishings, bedding, kitchen equipment, and luxury items such as electronics, internet access, pools, hot tubs, onsite laundry and more.

Vacation travelers for years have been seeking ways to alleviate the fears of renting privately owned vacation properties. VRP Certifications created a Certification and Rating program that you can depend on. Every property is photographed and inspected by a licensed real estate appraiser. As a traveler you should look for properties that have been inspected and rated by an unbiased, independent, third party, VRP Certifications! Property owners and managers that utilize our services are committed to presenting the most true and accurate information about their properties. We are raising the bar, and setting the standards higher in the short term vacation rental segment.

VRP Certifications is revolutionizing the vacation property rental industry one property at a time. Our program will set the proper level of expectation for you the traveler, and eliminate any misconceptions. Our system will pressure unscrupulous owners and management companies to more accurately depict their properties in advertisements. Now more than ever is the time to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. VRP Certifications is committed to quality and excellence. You can rest assured that a VRP Certified and Rated property has been inspected by a trained professional.
The photos that you will view were taken by our cameras; they were not provided by the owners. The same goes for all of the information listed on the detail page; if we list it, we saw it! Travel with confidence, book a VRP Certified and Rated property!

Why use VRP

VRP Certifications have been developed by VRP Media, LLC to set a standard of excellence among serious rental property owners and managers. The internet has become a powerful medium for the travel and accomodations industries, but is also a haven for purveyors of fraud. Currently, vacation rental travelers are taking a tremendous risk when they book a property because they are ASSUMING that the information presented to them at listing services and websites is accurate and up to date. With a VRP Certification, travelers can rest assured that they get the same services and amenities that are being advertised and property owners & managers can differentiate themselves from competitors by showing their commitment to quality and excellence with each VRP Certified property.

How are we qualified to inspect, rate, and report on vacation rental properties?

Certifications from VRP Media are performed by licensed real estate appraisers who have received additional training in destination travel services. Our inspections are performed by PROFESSIONALS with experience evaluating the condition of rental properties as well as the building materials used in their construction. We believe this aspect of our program is paramount to the long term success and acceptance of vacation rental property certifications. Lenders utilize appraisal services to make sure that their real estate transactions reflect fair market values. Why should vacation rentals be any different?

What do ratings mean to travelers?

Our ratings are designed to provide the traveler with a consistent and measurable framework to gauge their vacation rental. Travelers know that the pictures they are looking at are accurate & current, and that the promised accommodations and services are delivered.